Our aircraft use a simple to install 14 volt system.  Most builders use a 2 battery system to ensure redundancy for the avionics system.  Below is a list of items that we usually use when you order one of our avionics packages.  These prices tend to be highly variable so use the information below as a rough guide for your total costs.  When you are ready to order give us a call and we will put a package together for you.

Basic Electrical System
Battery (dry Cell) and cables, DC Bus, 2-12 Volt round outlets, 4 USB outlets, Ignition Switch, Red split master switch, 12 – Toggle Switches, 24 – Circuit Breakers, Wire (enough to complete electrical system)
Lighting System
Dual-Dim (Rheostat dimmer), LED Landing Lights, LED position lights w/flash,
LED Dome Light
MISC Accessories
Rocker Type Switches (each)
Power supply protector (recommended for avionics backup power supply)
 Battery Backup and cables
406MHz Emergency Beacon
Ipad mini mount
Ipad Mini
iLevil AW w/pitot and ADSB


Firewall Forward Parts
The following items are usually included with an engine purchase call for pricing if you need one of these items.
Starter included w/engine
Magnetos included w/engine
Plugs included w/engine
Alternator included w/engine
Alternator regulator included w/engine
FWF Package — Electric Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Oil Cooler, Oil Cooler Air Intake, Engine Hose Set, Exhaust pipes, Starter Relay, Master Relay, Firewall (aluminum and fiberfrax), Engine Mount Donuts, E-Glass Plenum, Electronic Ignition, Intake Alternate Source Air, Cabin Heat/Air Diverter Box, Voltage Regulator Cover Box  Call for Pricing
Carbon Fiber Plenum  Call for Pricing

Just as with the electrical components, the firewall forward items are listed for your planning purposes.  Many of these items are included when you purchase your engine.  It all depends on the source of your engine.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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