RAI-6 Foxtrot

RAI-6 “Foxtrot – Redesigned”  4 Seat Aircraft

Home-Built Experimental Aircraft

The RAI-6 builds on our original Foxtrot 4 design and is what all four place aircraft want to be when they grow up! With speeds of up to 220 knots, it’s clear the RAI-6, and the cruise speed of 200+ mph ensure you’ll get there fast with time to spare.

If you want 200+ mph cruise speeds in a four seat aircraft, the RAI-6 is for you.

This is a simple sturdy design that offers exceptional performance, affordable cost and a quick build time that is unique among kit built aircraft today.  Contact us today and we will get your dream projected started.

Max speed 226 KTAS,  260 mph
Cruise 174 KTAS, 200 mph
Stall (knots, IAS)

58 kts, 68 mph @ 3,000 lbs

62 kts, 72 mph @ 3,500 lbs

Vne 240 (knots, IAS)
Range 2,000 nm, 2,300 sm
Rate of Climb (ft/min. gross wt) 1,550 fpm @ 3,000
Takeoff (ft) 875 ft
Landing (ft) 800 ft
Service ceiling (ft) 24,000 ft
Engines Lycoming IO-540
Hp for performance quote 300
Acceptable Horsepower range 230-350
Fuel capacity (gal US) 200
Empty weight (lbs.) 1,900 lbs
Gross weight (lbs.) 3,500 lbs
Useful Load (lbs.) 1,600 lbs
Payload, full fuel (lbs.) 400 lbs
Baggage Capacity (lbs.)

Summation of fuel, pax, and bags

Baggage Area (cu. ft.) 8
Cabin Width (in.) 50 3/4
Cabin Height (in.) (not seating height) 47
Height (ft) 8.0
Length (ft) 24.8
Wingspan (ft) 34
Wing area (sq. ft) 136
Wing Loading (lbs./sq. ft.) 25.7
Aspect Ratio 8:1
G-load (design) +5 / -4
No. seats 4
Landing gear Fixed Tri-gear
Building materials Composite