RAI-1 “Tango”


RAI – 1  “Tango” – Our 2 Seat Aircraft

This is no light sport aircraft!


Home-Built Experimental Aircraft

Let’s face it. Real pilots want real airplanes. And the RAI-1 “Tango” is just that.  A blazing fast, 200+ mph composite built aircraft. With top speeds up to 215 knots, the Tango has little competition to keep up with. And with prices less expensive than most light sport aircraft, you’ll get there in half the time for less money. 

While the Tango certainly isn’t light sport, it sure can handle like a light sport at low speeds! Stall speeds of 57 knots ensure safe landings for low time pilots. With a short takeoff distance of 650 ft, it’s getting close to the envelope of STOL aircraft. Fixed gear ensures no landing gear mishaps, and affordable insurance, while still breaking the 200 mph magic barrier. 

For pilots looking for an unmatched combination of speed, range and performance in a safe, sleek, roomy, and affordable, two place aircraft.  This combination is one-of-a-kind in the industry and the benefit to you is outstanding value. 

Using one of our Revolution Aviation Build Center programs, you can build your airframe, ready for firewall forward and instrument panel in as little as 30 days.  This is not just hype, it has been done.  Simplicity of construction is one of the hallmarks of the engineering behind the Tango concept.  This is one reason why three RAI – 1 “Tango” builders are now owners of the company.  They believe in it! 

With a cruise speed over 200 mph and a range over 1,200 miles, the RAI-1 “Tango” is a productive and exciting aircraft to own. The stall speed of 57 knots and docile basic flight characteristics makes it a safe and attractive entry-level aircraft.  Short takeoffs and a fast climb rate make it a blast to fly.  The low parts count, fixed gear, builder’s center option, and low drag design make the Tango Simply Fast.  Contact us today and we can start to build the airplane of your dreams.

Top speed (knots, TAS) 215
Cruise (knots, TAS) 180
Stall (knots, IAS) 57
Vne (knots, IAS) 230
Range (sm) 1,200
Rate of Climb (ft/min. gross wt) 1,600
Takeoff (ft) 650
Landing (ft) 950
Service ceiling (ft) 20,000
Engines ECI Lycoming OX-320, IOX-360, IOX-370
Hp for performance quote 180
Acceptable Horsepower range 150-250
Fuel capacity (gal US) 58
Empty weight (lbs.) 1,200
Gross weight (lbs.) 2,000
Useful Load (lbs.) 800
Payload, full fuel (lbs.) 452
Baggage Capacity (lbs.) 150
Baggage Area (cu. ft.) 12
Cabin Width (in.) 44
Cabin Height (in.) (not seating height) 37
Height (ft) 6.75
Length (ft) 20.7
Wingspan (ft) 26
Wing area (sq. ft) 78
Wing Loading (lbs./sq. ft.) 25.6
Aspect Ratio 8.7:1
G-load (design) +6 / -6
No. seats 2
Landing gear Fixed Tri-gear
Building materials Composite