Avionics & Instruments

 Our aircraft can accommodate a wide range of avionics installations. We do not offer a standard avionics packages because everyone wants something different. No one ever installed the standard package that we once offered. Whatever you are looking for in a custom instrument panel, we can help you develop an avionics panel to suit you. Plan on somewhere between $10,000 and $40,000, depending on what you want to install and who builds and wires it.

We have access to: Advanced Flight Systems,    www.advancedflightsystems.com                                                  Avidyne Corporation,    www.avidyne.com                                                                                  Dynon Avionics,    www.dynonavionics.com                                                                                     Garmin,    www.garmin.com                                                                                     GRT Avionics,    www.avionics.com                                                                                      Levil Aviation,    www.levilaviation.com                                                                                MGL Avionics,    www.mglavionics.com                                                                          FlightView EFIS,    www.openflightsolutions.com

These are the most common names, but there are probably more. You may also install old school steam gauge equipment. It still works just fine. If you decide to upgrade to glass, you can use it as a backup system. Like computers, modern avionics keep getting better, and sometimes cheaper. Start looking and planning early, but don’t buy anything right away. Things will probably change while you are building the airframe.
KITPLANES magazine (www.kitplanes.com), June 2022 issue, has a summary of most of the big screen EFISs currently available.

Things to consider. Our standard instrument panel is built in three sections. You may want to get flying as soon as possible and expand the panel later. In that case, install the minimum equipment to safely fly VFR and complete your flight testing. Add more equipment in stages. Or, build the ideal panel from the start and learn to use the features while you are getting used to the plane.

Examples of Advanced Flight Systems IFR & VFR panels