December 8,2022

The ongoing inflation of prices of just about everything around the country has hit us as well and we have been forced to raise our kit prices. Our cost of resin and fiber glass has gone up over 25% in the past two years. Other smaller items have gone up as well. The cost of the Tango kit is now $58,000 and the Foxtrot is $85,000. We will be adjusting other prices as we get 2023 prices from our vendors.

A new RAI-6 customer requested that we install our first ballistic parachute system (BRS). We are working with BRS and are installing it in a manner similar to an installation in an RV-10.
The installed cost will be approximately $42,000.

N454WS now has a new owner from Oregon, which will double our fleet on the west coast. He gave it a new paint job, a constant speed prop, and is having a new interior put in. The interior job has been a slow go. We will post pictures when it is ready.

Our most recent RAI-1 project is nearing completion in our Williston build center. It has the now-standard full wet wing and a 33-gallon Turtle Pack auxiliary tank that will sit in the right seat, for a total of about 118 gallons. This should give him the range to fly from somewhere on the west coast to his second home in Maui with about a 500-mile reserve. He has an IO-360 with a Whirlwind three blade propeller and an EFII electronic fuel injection and ignition system. Needless to say, when he begins flight testing, there will be plenty of emphasis on range calculations.

Update on the above airplane, N953GB. We had the airplane on display at Airventure 2022. The 6.5 hour trip from Williston, FL was undramatic, with about 3.5 hours of fuel remaining afer landing. We didn’t carry the aux tank. Unfortunately, the owner recently came down with a medical condition that left him grounded, so the airplane is now up for sale. We do not have a price fixed yet, but it will be about what a new kit, fiewall forward, and avionics would cost at today’s prices.

We have two RAI-1 Tangos for sale. One has been flying for several years. It has an O-360 and a three-blade fixed pitch Catto prop. The second is a nearly completed plane that never flew, but has done a taxi test. It has a GM Ecotec engine behind an AutoPSRUS reduction drive. Both owners are selling because of medical problems. We will be publishing details on both planes in the future. In the meantime, feel free to call us at 352-528-0982