Build Center Opportunities

Do you love aviation and have dreamed of owning your own build center?

Then join the REVOLUTION.  Revolution Aviation INC. has developed a comprehensive and affordable build center program.

Your Revolution Aviation Build Center  program includes:

Demonstration Aircraft

You and/or your labor force will come to Williston, Florida and build one of our “Faster Build” Kits.  This will provide you with a new demonstration aircraft to use in your place of business.  You will be able to provide demo flights and participate in local airshows or other events to show off your product/products.  You will also be able to attend Air Venture at Osh Kosh, WI and Sun-n-Fun in Lakeland, FL.  These are our two biggest shows and will allow us to show off our growing fleet.  And they are a lot of fun!


While you are building your demonstration aircraft we will be training you and/or your designated technicians on how to assemble the kits using our prepackaged Fuselage, Engine, Avionics and Electrical System packages.  You will learn about safety equipment, safety procedures, resin and fiberglass properties, lamination techniques, and parts installation.  The first 4 weeks will be dedicated to building the “Faster Build” airframe kit.  4 additional weeks will be dedicated to installing avionics, firewall forward, electrical system and basic seat installation.  2-3 weeks will be required to conduct initial testing of the aircraft, transition training for your test/demo pilot, and flying the first 15 hours of the testing phase.  Arrangements will then be made to finish the fly off and delivery of the aircraft.


Revolution Aviation Build Centers will supply your build center with all the required equipment, tools, and assembly jigs to comfortably run a 4 bay build center.  If you need more equipment for a larger facility, or multiple facilities, we will supply additional equipment.  Your potential for growth is unlimited.

Exclusive Regional Sales Area

You will have exclusive rights to sell all offered RAI Kits in a particular region.  This does not restrict you from selling kits outside your region as long as there is not another franchise operating in that region.  You are always able to sell kits to any customer who decides to build their kit at your facilities, regardless of where they are residing.  You  may own rights to multiple regions and multiple facilities within each region as long as customer service does not suffer.


As you would expect you will receive all the technical assistance required to make your Revolution Aviation Build Center  a success.  All of your supplies are ordered through us. We have already arranged multiple OEM agreements for fiberglass supplies, engines, propellers, and avionics, and we are continually looking for improvements to make our products faster, safer, and quicker to build.






South Africa

We receive inquiries concerning kits from all around the world on a very consistent basis.  If you think you have a good area for a build center give us a call!

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