Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about Revolution Aviation INC aircraft.


What is the Build Center?

The Build Center is where you come in to work on your Revolution Aviation INC designed aircraft with us. The center has all the tooling and jigs set up for you. No time is spent figuring out how to build, or interpreting what an assembly manual is trying to say. We work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to build your aircraft. We not only show you what to do, we are there doing it with you. The Build Center concept was specifically designed so our aircraft could be built quickly and easily.

The main Build Center is at Revolution Aviation INC headquarters in Williston, Florida (X60). It is on the airfield, and open year-round.


Can I build a RAI aircraft at home?

Absolutely. Revolution Aviation INC has one of the most advanced build centers in the country, however, we understand some customers simply want to work on their projects at their location. Building at home is an option and we can provide you with the complete kit to do so!


Do I have to build my aircraft all at once?

No, if you would rather build it in stages, you can split up the building of your Tango or Foxtrot into 3 or more Stages. When you order your aircraft kit simply describe your build situation.  We will work with you to make sure you have the correct build concept in mind to accomplish your goals as a builder.

Do you comply with the 51% rule?

Yes, the FAA’s 51% rule is there to make sure the amateur builder is doing the majority of the tasks that it takes to build an aircraft. The purpose of the amateur built experimental class is for the education and recreation of the builder. The FAA places no value on the time it takes to build an aircraft.  Since Team Tango designs their aircraft to be simple to build, and through design has reduced the parts count on the airframe, you can build a RAI-1 Tango or RAI-2 Foxtrot in a very short time.  An additional benefit of doing it this way is that you become qualified to do your own repairs and maintenance on the aircraft.

When your aircraft is finished, you are qualified to get a repairman’s certificate which allows you to do inspection and repair on your aircraft.


What engines do you recommend for the Tango?

Team Tango recommends the reliability of a proven aviation engine design.  We also know that many of the reliable old designs can be improved significantly with modern enhancements.  Therefore we recommend Titan engines to customers.  You can get an reliable engine design with modern efficiency at a better price than a standard STC engine from Lycoming.  When you order your kit with an ECI motor we give you a motor mount, P-mag electronic ignition, lightweight starter and an engine plenum at no additional charge.  Below are the suitable ECI Titan motors for a RAI-1 Tango, call for prices (352) 528-0982.

ECI Titan OX-320
ECI Titan IOX-340
ECI Titan IOX-360
ECI Titan IOX-370


What engines do you recommend for the Foxtrot?

We recommend 230HP – 350HP Lycoming engines.

The following engines are available through an OEM agreement with Lycoming, call for prices (352) 528-0982.

Lycoming IO-540 260-300 HP
Lycoming TIO-540 350 HP

We are currently developing an IOX-540 300HP motor specifically designed for the RAI-6.  We expect this engine to be available in 2015.


Are there other engine options?

Although we recommend proven aircraft engines we also are not against other power plant installations.  We will help you with your installation of pretty much any engine that seems like a logical fit and is between 140HP and 210HP for the RAI-1 Tango and 230HP to 350 HP for the RAI-6.  Our customers are installing LS1, Ecotech, and rotary auto conversions. There’s no reason one can’t put a Jabiru, Lycoming, Continental, Turbine, or any other engine in the craft. The real strength of building one’s own airplane is choosing the power plant options you desire.


What about insurance?

While there are many insurance options for our aircraft, we recommend Falcon Insurance Company (through the EAA) as they have the most experience with our airplanes. Falcon can be contacted at 1-800-880-4545.


Do you offer retractable landing gear?

Short answer, no. Our goal with our aircraft is to make them as fast and safe as possible. While there will always be arguments on this subject, it certainly is a fact that there are numerous gear up and collapsed gear accidents each year, whatever the cause. Insurance companies add about 25% to your bill to pay for the increased risk. We estimate that you might gain about 8-10 knots with retractable gear, but the weight, complexity, build time, and cost of the kit would have to increase.

Bottom line is we would rather focus our efforts on areas that decrease the build time (like gel coating and superior molds), decrease the weight, and increase speed without radical design changes. You may find a good article on this subject under Wind Tunnel, by Barnaby Wainfan, in the September 2009 issue of KIPLANES magazine (www.kitplanes.com).


Do you have a tail dragger version?

Right now no.  But keep your eye on our site we are working out an arrangement to proceed with a tail dragger RAI-7.