Revolution Aviation INC. aircraft are designed with the ability to install a wide range of engine types and horsepower ranges.  The RAI-1 “Tango” can comfortably be flown using engines ranging from 150 HP to 250 HP, the RAI-6 230 HP to 350 HP.  We have builders installing all types of engines.  To date we have flying, or still in construction, aircraft with Titan, Lycoming, Mazda Rotary, LS-1, LS-3, ECOTEC and even a turbine.  If you want to install something different we will be there to help you.  After all we are an experimental aircraft company so innovation is encouraged.

For most people the most common engine installations will use Lycoming, or a Lycoming based engine such as the Titan line of aircraft engines, matched with a fixed or constant speed propeller.  In our opinion Prince Aircraft Company makes the best fixed pitch propellers for the experimental community.  They are innovative and elegant in design, provide excellent performance, are cost effective and their customer service is excellent.  Their propellers are perfect for both the RAI-1 “Tango” and even the high horse power RAI-6.  For the average customer a fixed pitch propeller will more than satisfy their performance requirements. Whirl Wind Aviation is a well known constant speed propeller manufacturer, their propellers provide that little bit of extra takeoff performance when you really need or want it.  If a constant speed propeller is what you need a Whirl Wind Propeller will exceed your expectations.  We have made OEM arrangements with Titan Engines, Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines, Prince Aircraft Company (p-tip propellers) and Whirl Wind Aviation (constant speed propellers) and we offer the following new engine/propeller packages.

Engines for a RAI-6

Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines (for a RAI-6)

 Call for Pricing
IO – 540 – 260 hp
IO – 540 – 300 hp
TIO – 540 – 350 hp
 Engines for a RAI-1 “Tango”
Titan Engines  Call for Pricing
OX320 – 167 hp
IOX340 – 180 hp (most efficient, best long range fuel consumption)
IOX360 – 190 hp
IOX370 – 205 hp
Prince Aircraft Company (p-tip fixed pitch)  Call for Pricing
2 Blade Carbon Fiber (for a RAI-6)
2 Blade Carbon Fiber (for a RAI-1)
Whirl Wind Aviation (constant speed)  Call for Pricing
400 Rocket (for a Foxtrot)
200 Rocket (for a Tango)

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