Foxtrot kit

Choose from one of three convenient purchase options.

Option 1: Purchase our kits outright and lock in your production slot.

Airframe Kit
RAI-6 Kit $85,0000
Kit Options
Tinted Glass $1,500
Faster Build Options
Horizontal Stabilizer $4,400.00
Fuselage, Bulkheads, Instrument panel, NACA Ducts, overhead console $46,800.00
Wing enclosed, Flight controls fit, fuel tanks leak checked, matched to fuselage, landing gear supports installed $44,200.00

Option 2: Split your purchase into 3 payments.

Deposit — Locks in price and production slot                                $18,500

Second Payment — Starts production                                               $18,500

Final Payment — Completes kit, typically 30 days to ship      “Balance of kit plus faster build options”

Option 3:

On a Budget?
Use our phased purchase option
0% Interest, $0 Fees for late or skipped payments

A $2500 deposit locks in your cost (for 2 years).  When the first phase is paid in full you are locked into the production line.  This is a pay as you go method.  You can just buy a phase outright, or make monthly payments.  When the next phase is paid for we ship it.  0% interest, $0 fee for late or skipped payments.

Phase I — lets you get started on the fuselage, instrument panel and firewall forward.  This allows you to get through the most planning intensive portions of the build and still work in a very small area, even a 1 car garage.

Phase I – $14,299
NACA Ducts
Instrument Panel
Any Hardware associated with above operations

Phase II — completes the tail feathers and still lets you stay in a small space.

Phase II – $14,299
Horizontal Stab. Main and Aft Spars
Horizontal Stab. Skins
Counterbalance weights
Any Hardware associated with above operations

Phase III — requires more space, a large 2 car garage or shop with a wide door 17′.  Most will move to a T-hangar at this point.

Phase III – $13,199 or $17,5999 for XR tanks
Main Wing Spar
Aft Wing Spars
Wing Skins
Bulkhead material for ribs
Fuel System
Jack Point Plat
Any Hardware associated with above operations

Phase IV — finishes the build.

Phase IV- $14,850
Ailerons & Flaps
Landing Gear
Wheels, Brakes and Tires
Wingtips and light lens covers
Tail cone
Nose Gear Fairing
Wheel Pants, all 3
Any Hardware associated with above operations

Pricing subject to change without notice!

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