Our Aircraft have been designed for a wide range of avionics installations. One of our pre-designed avionics packages can help you get in the air quickly and save you some money.   Also if you are looking for a more custom instrument panel we can help you develop any avionics package you desire.  We have access to Advanced Flight Systems, Garmin, Dynon, MGL, GRT, ilevil and old school used round dial equipment.

Revolution Aviation Build Centers have developed 2 packaged avionics plans that will meet most customers needs and budgets.  When you purchase one of these packages you are purchasing a completed and programmed instrument panel.

AVIONICS (INSTALLED FREE if you choose the build assist option)
Instrument panel precision cut, custom wiring harnesses, avionics programmed
Advanced Flight Systems 
VFR –Glass EFIS Panel, Comm Radio w/Intercomm, 2020 Compliant Transponder, Engine Monitoring for 4 or 6 cylinder engine, Heated Pitot w/AOA, ADSB Receiver  Call for Price
IFR — Added items;  Audio Panel, GNC 255 NAV/COMM, GNS 400 WAAS
Dual Screen
Auto Pilot — w/panel mounted controller
Ipad Flier   Call for Price
VFR — 2 Ipad Minis panel mounted, iLevil AW AHRS w/pitot (ADSB), Heated Pitot tube,  4 or 6 cyl engine monitoring system, Comm Radio w/Intercomm, 2020 compliant transponder, Backup Instruments: Airspeed, Altitude, ADI
IFR — Added items;  Dynon D10A, Dynon HSI expansion module, Audio Panel, GNC 255 NAV/COMM, GNS 400 WAAS
Right seat Instruments — Ipad mini, Ipad mini mount
Auto Pilot – w/panel mounted controller (IFR or VFR*)(Dynon)
*Backup EFIS required to add an autopilot to a VFR System

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