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Location: X60  Williston Municipal Airport, Williston, FL

   With our Build Center programs you can build your aircraft under the assistance and watchful eyes of our professionals. The Build Center provides all the space, tooling and expertise to get you building fast.

Guidance and Assistance — A very convenient and fast way to complete a standard or fast build kit in our Build Center.

   Most builders want to build their kit, but they are worried that they will not have the time, correct tools, jigs, or knowledge to complete their project.  Not to worry.  Our “Guidance and Assistance” program allows you to build as much or as little as you want, all under the watchful eye of our technicians.  You have full access to tools, construction jigs, and consumables at a reasonable cost.  And don’t worry about asking lots of questions.  Builder’s guidance, instruction and inspection provided by an RAI technician is included in the price of your kit.  If needed, you can always hire an RAI technician to work on your plane with you or as separate service.   We will ensure all work is completed safely and within limits of the FAA 51% rule.

   You may complete as much of your project as you like at the Build Center.  You may complete the major sub-assemblies at the Build Center and then ship it home for final assembly, or you may build the entire plane and begin flying here at Williston.

Education program for an at home build — Be confident that you have the skill necessary to complete your project.

   Many builders want to save money on their aircraft by building it at home.  The obvious trade off is time.  However, they also want to be sure they are capable of safely completing a fiberglass aircraft project.  To be clear, this class is not required.  Our builder’s manual is very complete, and we can answer at no charge any questions you may have during the build process.  With that said it is still a good option to get some training, especially if you have never worked with composites before.  This training program will do several important things:

1 — You will receive safety training, and become familiar with proper use and storage of all composite materials.

2 — You will learn proper bonding techniques, and learn how to spot good as well as bad fiberglass work.  This will give you the confidence to know that you can complete your entire project safely.

3 — You will complete either the “Horizontal Stabilizer” on your Foxtrot aircraft, or the “Stabilator” on your Tango aircraft.  This is a significant achievement and is a great first step in completing your kit.