Engines & Firewall Forward

   The RAI-1 and RAI-6 were designed around the Lycoming IO-360 and IO-540 engines. The kit includes the correct motor mount for your airframe and engine.  Initial installations included 180 & 200 hp and 260 &300 hp versions. Since then builder’s have successfully used 160 & 210 hp in the RAI-1 and 350 hp in the RAI-6.  Today, other manufacturers build copies, or clones if you choose, of the basic four and six cylinder engines.

The list includes:                                                                                                                      Aero Sport Power                                                                         www.aerosportpower.com                                                                                                      Barret Precision Engines                                                                    www.bpaengines.com                                                                                                              Continental Aerospace Technologies              www.continentalmotors.aero/titan/experimental-kit-engines.aspx                                           Lycoming                                                                                                www.lycoming.com                                                                                                                  Superior Air Parts                                                                         www.superiorairparts.com

     The February 2022 issue of KITPLANES magazine presents their annual engine review including these and many more manufacturers.  It includes basic pricing ranging from as low as $26,775 for an IO-320 to $51,300 for an IO-540.  We may be able to get OEM prices on some engines.

   There is a lot to be said for buying a new engine.  However, if you know a good guilder, you can get a better engine for less money with a rebuilt or overhauled engine.  We can assist you if you are interested.  

     Depending on the source, your engine may or may not come with a starter.  The alternator is normally your responsibility. Other accessories you will need are exhaust pipes, oil cooler, hoses, and engine monitor.  You may choose tried and true magnetos or electronic ignition, carbureted or fuel injected. Electronic fuel injection is also available.  These add ons will add another few thousand dollars to you final coast.

     The KITPLANES article also discusses several alternative engine choices, including automotive conversions, diesel engines, and turbines.  The long awaited Delta Hawk diesel really is nearing reality.  We are in touch with the owner of the company and can get real time updates from him.  You may contact us if you are interested.