RAI-6 XR – 4 Seat Extended Range



Home-Built Experimental Aircraft

Have you ever dreamed of flying around the world?  With over 200 gallons of fuel and a useful load approaching 2300 lbs this aircraft can fly 2900+ sm with 4 people and baggage, and make your dreams come true.

Even if you don’t want to fly for 12+ hours, having the ability to haul a decent useful load with 200+ gallons of fuel can be very useful.

1.  Avoid high fuel prices – choose where to buy your fuel and save a considerable amount of money.

2.  If you decide on an engine that burns Mogas then you can fill up at your home airport and fly over 1400 sm each way and not worry about having to find Mogas along the way.

3.  Never worry about having enough fuel to reach an IFR alternate.


With speeds of up to 220 knots, it’s clear the RAI-6 has awesome performance, and the cruise speed of 200+ mph ensure you’ll get there fast with time to spare.

If you want 200+ mph cruise speeds, in a four seat aircraft, the RAI-6 is for you.

This is a simple sturdy design that offers exceptional performance, affordable cost and a quick build time that is unique among kit built aircraft today.

Top speed (knots, TAS) 220
Cruise (knots, TAS) 175
Stall (knots, IAS) 59
Vne (knots, IAS) 240
Range (sm) 2,000
Rate of Climb (ft/min. gross wt) 1,550
Takeoff (ft) 875
Landing (ft) 1,125
Service ceiling (ft) 17,500
Engines  IO-540
Hp for performance quote 300
Acceptable Horsepower range 230-350
Fuel capacity (gal US) 140
Empty weight (lbs.) 1,900
Gross weight (lbs.)                       normal 3,500
Useful Load (lbs.)                         normal 1,600
Payload, full fuel (lbs.)                  normal 760
Baggage Capacity (lbs.) 150
Baggage Area (cu. ft.) 14
Cabin Width (in.) 50 3/4
Cabin Height (in.) (not seating height) 47
Height (ft) 7.25
Length (ft) 24.8
Wingspan (ft) 33.5
Wing area (sq. ft) 134
Wing Loading (lbs./sq. ft.) 26.1
Aspect Ratio 8:1
G-load (design) +5 / -4
No. seats 4
Landing gear Fixed Tri-gear
Building materials Composite