RAI-1 XR “Tango XR”,

RAI-1 “Tango XR” – 2 Seat Extended Range








Our XR version of the Tango can take you where you want to go.  With a range of over 1800 sm the Tango XR can fly just about anywhere you possibly would want to go.  And for most people it could make the return trip without refueling.  This comes in very handy if you are burning MOGAS, or if you just want to shop for gas and not be forced to buy it at a high price because you have to.  With the Tango XR you truly have the freedom to save on your fuel costs.  It also gives you piece of mind for those IFR flights.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know you could fly from Denver to Atlanta and have enough fuel to divert to Miami if you needed to?  Now that’s flexibility and safety.

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Tango XR (extended range)

Top speed (knots, TAS) 215
Cruise (knots, TAS) 180
Stall (knots, IAS) 57
Vne (knots, IAS) 240
Range (sm) 1,863
Rate of Climb (ft/min. gross wt) 1,600
Takeoff (ft) 650
Landing (ft) 950
Service ceiling (ft) 20,000
Engines ECI Lycoming OX-320, IOX-340, IOX-360, IOX-370
Hp for performance quote 180
Acceptable Horsepower range 150-250
Fuel capacity (gal US) 90
Empty weight (lbs.) 1,225
Gross weight (lbs.) 2,200
Useful Load (lbs.) 975
Payload, full fuel (lbs.) 435
Baggage Capacity (lbs.) 50
Baggage Area (cu. ft.) 12
Cabin Width (in.) 44
Cabin Height (in.) (not seating height) 37
Height (ft) 6.75
Length (ft) 20.7
Wingspan (ft) 26
Wing area (sq. ft) 78
Wing Loading (lbs./sq. ft.) 28.2
Aspect Ratio 8.7:1
G-load (design) +5 / -4
No. seats 2
Landing gear Fixed Tri-gear
Building materials Composite